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Here at KS Lift Trucks, we can supply a wide range of tyres suitable for your every requirement. The tyres on your fork lift truck are extremely important, they have to be able to handle the constant pressure from lifting heavy objects all day. We supply the perfect forklift tyres to suit your materials handling equipment.

Forklift Tyre Fitters

We don’t just supply tyres – we fit them as well! We have a team of experts who specialise in fitting a wide range of tyres for all types of materials handling equipment to suit various budgets. We offer service exchange rims and tyres and can re-cut tread into worn tyres. Our team can offer advice on the most suitable tyre for your application.

Tyres to suit all budgets

When Should I Replace my Fork Lift Tyres?

Failed or worn-down tyres can be a major risk to the operator of the lift truck, potentially causing the truck to collapse whilst carrying heavy loads. At best, this can cause uncomfortable injuries to the operator, at worst, it can be fatal and people have died due to a forklift toppling over.

Knowing when to replace your tyres is crucial when operating fork lifts, this all depends on the type of tyre, quality of it, the environment it’s being used in, driver, conditions and temperature. Here’s a best practice/guide on when to replace the type of tyre you use:

Pneumatic tyres – used for outdoor work, you’ll need to check whether the tyre is under/over-inflated, if there’s any cuts or cracks and if the tread pattern is not visible anymore. Replace them if any of these appear.

Solid tyres– the longest-lasting type of tyre, it can be difficult to know when they need changing. When solid tyres have lost around 75-80% of the tread, it’s time for a replacement. They can become harder and offer the operator a rough ride if it’s coming close to the time to change them.

Cushion Press-On Tyres -Designed for indoor work, cushion tyres can become easily damaged but they wear slowly. Check the wear indicator mark, if the wear mark is reached then you should be booking in to change the tyre. Check for cracks, chunking, tearing and flat spots – if any of these are present, it’s best to change them.

Our foam filled tyres – Pure Fill takes around 5-7 working days to cure, please contact us for current availability of foam filled tyres built up on rims ready to go on a service exchange basis. There are many benefits to replacing your tyres, it isn’t just about preventing a truck from toppling over. New tyres offer reduced fuel consumption, maximum efficiency, increased traction and a smoother ride for the operator due to reduced shock leading to reduced operator fatigue.

Which Tyre Do I Need? – Reading Forklift Tyre Sizes

You need to replace your tyre – but how do you know what to replace it with? Check your worn tyre for number markings, if you can see two numbers like 6.00-9, then the first number tells you the width and the second number tells you the rim diameter. If there are three numbers, for example, 18×7-8, the first number tells you the height, the second is the width and the third is the rim diameter.

Sometimes there’s an additional set of numbers that include the word RIM, this is the rim fitment size and you should let our experts know what each set of numbers are so that we can supply you with exact matches. Some tyres are extremely precise with their number sets, if you’re having trouble, you can give our team a call and we’ll help you.


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