Forklift Hire 

At KS Lift Trucks Ltd, we have a wide variety of fork lift trucks in stock ready for hire, whether it’s from one day to a fully inclusive five year contract hire package. With continued investment each year into our hire fleet, we strive to run the latest equipment on the market, delivering the best products for our customers. We often build bespoke hire packages and tailor equipment to suit customer demands. Experts in forklift hire, our friendly team is on-hand to help you find the machine ideal for your requirements.

Please see below our product range, which includes Sideloaders, Electric Pallet Trucks, Scissor Lifts, JCB Teletruk’s, Truck Mounted Forklifts and Attachments. However if you can not find what you are after, please do not hesitate to call our hire desk.

Counter Balance
Fork Lift Trucks

From 1 tonne to 15 tonnes. Available in gas, diesel and electric. These trucks can be fitted with a wide range of attachments, various mast specification and safety features. The ease of use and huge variety of set up configurations make this truck the most sought after in the industry.

FUEL TYPES: Gas / Diesel / Electric
Lift Heights: Up to 7 Metres
Lift Capacities: Up to 15 Ton

Reach Trucks
and VNAs

A range of reach trucks with mast heights up to 12 Metres.

Vehicles are electric powered with optional lithium-ion batteries for extended shift duration and reduced charging times. Driver aides are available including height limiters, 360 degree steering, fork cameras, and lighting.

Options available include outdoor cabs, various tyre options for warehouse flooring, integrated stock management systems, and fleet management systems. Cold store spec is also available for working conditions down to minus 30 degrees, and multi-directional vehicles for easy manoeuvrability of oversized loads.

Lift Heights: Up to 12 Metres
Lead Acid or Lithium-Ion Batteries
Optional Safety Features & Driver Aides

Pallet Trucks

Pedestrian powered pallet trucks include walk behind, walk behind and ride-on, ride-on only, and seated ride-on’s from 1 to 3 tonnes lift capacity.  Various fork lengths and widths are available to suit a variety of pallet applications. Available with lead acid or lithium-ion batteries with optional battery change over stands for multiple shift patterns.

Fleet management and stock management systems can be installed to suit your requirements.

LIFT CAPACITY: 1 to 3 Tonnes
Lead Acid or Lithium-Ion Batteries
Optional Safety Features & Driver Aides

Side Loaders

Specifically designed for carrying long or bulky products, typically being steel, timber, glass, precast concrete, plastics etc. Trucks are available in gas, diesel and electric models from 3 to 10 tonnes. Predominately used in timber merchants and steel fabrication for stacking materials in racking and loading / unloading wagons with minimal cycle times. Features include a low and wide platform area to transport materials safely, whilst maximising yard space as well as accessing low storage points.

FUEL TYPES: Gas / Diesel / Electric
Lift Heights: Up to 7 Metres
Lift Capacities: Up to 10 Ton

Powered Access

Capable of lifting up to 14m these have been designed with safety in mind for working at heights. Scissor lifts and boomed versions are available in electric and diesel. Key features include 110V sockets fitted in the platform to reduce trailing hazards, pothole protection, and proportional controls. Designed for one man operation working at heights.

FUEL TYPES: Diesel / Electric
Lift Heights: Up to 14M
Extendable working platform

Cleaning Equipment

We can provide powered cleaning equipment from scrubber driers to sweepers for all applications including shopping centres, supermarkets, food production, preparation areas, factories, and storage.

Battery powered, LPG and Petrol along with walk behind or ride-on models are available.

Sweepers benefits from fast change brushes for different surfaces and materials, and dirt hoppers which can be easily removed and emptied. Scrubber Driers include accurate detergent dosage and full contact drier squeegee.  Non-slip and no marking tyres are also available.

Sweepers & Scrubber Driers
FUEL TYPES: Gas / Petrol / Electric
Walk Behind & Ride-on

Attachment Hire

We offer a wide range of attachments for all types of trucks.

Visit our Attachments Page

How forklift hire can make your operations run smoother

Forklifts are the most versatile, cost-effective and efficient way to move heavy loads. Hiring a forklift is a great way to make your operations more streamlined and efficient.
There are many reasons why you should hire a forklift for your operations. Forklifts can be used for many different tasks. They can be used for loading, unloading, moving pallets or other heavy objects as well as sorting goods in warehouses. Forklifts also have a much higher load capacity than other types of manual tools, so they can reduce the number of trips needed to transport goods from one place to another. This means your productivity levels will soar as you’ll get more work done and your employees will be much happier from not having to strain themselves from constantly lifting heavy objects.

The Benefits of Lift Truck Hire

We have many customers in Lancashire, Merseyside, Gtr. Manchester & Cumbria who prefer to opt for fork lift hire instead of a full purchase. There are many reasons they do this:

• Do you need a temporary solution rather than a permanent one – If you have requirements for a short term hire rental due to peak seasons, staffing changes or current machinery interruptions then we can provide equipment to cover this to keep your operations running smoothly.
• Fix your Costs – Take advantage of our fully inclusive long term packages – when hiring a forklift with KS Lift Trucks, we make sure it’s always in great working order with our contract hire packages. We make sure to service it when needed and complete any repairs that need doing. So you get all the benefits of a fork lift, with all repairs and servicing costs included.
• Lower Upfront Costs – The majority of our hire contracts can be activated on a 1+. Full t&c’s and credit checks apply.
• Safety first – All our hire trucks come with a valid Loler & Puwer certificate so you can rest assured the machine meets the latest safety regulations. Improve your safety on site, increase production and overall achieve better performance.
• Has your accountants or financial advisors have recommended hire to improve cash flow , P&L or your balance sheet. You can hire the latest fork lifts from KS Lift Trucks.

Ready to invest in forklift hire? Contact our team today.