Exciting news incoming!

Doosan has released a new diesel forklift range and KS Lift Trucks is bringing it to Lancashire for our customers!

Built to handle the toughest and most demanding heavy lifting environments, the D70S-9 range would be perfect for any of our customers working on industrial sites. Available in four models across a capacity range of 6.0 – 9.0 tonne. Just take a look at the video teaser Doosan released showcasing the sleek machine:


These trucks were brought out by Doosan to extend their 9-Series consisting of European Stage V compliant IC engine forklift trucks.

Doosan continues to advance its forklift trucks and each product the company releases just get better and better. If you’re not excited about this product launch yet, here are some of the key features of the Doosan D70S-9 range:


  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Multi torque mode
  • Oil-cooled disc brakes
  • Auto throttle up – this new feature increases the engine idle speed automatically in response to the hydraulic system

These features show just how productive the new Doosan trucks are – your operations will be running quickly and smoothly.


  • Excellent visibility – new panoramic cab to provide all-round visibility
  • LED lights (optional) – clear visibility, perfect for working at night or in areas with reduced visibility
  • Electric parking brake – can be operated by a switch and is automatically operated when speed is below 3 km/h
  • Rear object detection system (optional)– a beeping will sound if a pedestrian or object is in the operating area of the truck
  • Front/rear view camera (optional)
  • Blue safety light (optional) – projects blue spot on the floor to alert pedestrians
  • Auto tilt levelling (optional)

Not only is the forklift designed for maximum productivity, but it’s also been built with safety in mind and these features highlight that.

Great Ergonomics

  • Reduced noise level
  • Large 7” full-colour display– excellent operability
  • Centralised ergonomically positioned switches for all functions
  • Heater and automatic air conditioning (optional)
  • Big anti-slip step plate

It’s productive, safe and of course, has optimal ergonomics, as you’d expect from trucks of this quality.


  • Electric tilting cabin
  • Reinforced high durability steering axle
  • Mud guard (optional)
  • Integrated vehicle control unit
  • Same wheels applied to the front/rear wheel (optional) – minimises the number of spare tyres needed

As you can tell, this forklift truck range from Doosan is extremely dependable.


  • Easy-to-access all main components
  • Extended service interval for key components
  • Cockpit tilting (Auto/Manual) – cabin can be opened to 60° with a switch
  • Hood open-angle – increased hood angle from 30° to 50°, easier to service the truck


Not only does it perform well, but it also has great serviceability.

Ideal for use in ports, docks, construction sites, storage areas and way more! Let’s have a look at some shots of it in action:

new doosan truck Factory Forklift Truck Stacker Transporting Roll of Transformer Steel at Electrical Plant Warehouse 06-scaled

The new D70S-9 range comes equipped with ultra-low fuel consumption technology, so it’s extremely efficient when handling heavy objects – perfect for even the most demanding industrial environments. The new trucks save almost half a litre of fuel per hour when compared with the previous models! The significantly lower operating costs of these trucks are sure to be a major benefit if you’re considering a new machine…

The performance of this new range is unmatched, but alongside this, it’s important to make sure that the operator is happy and comfortable as they’re the ones controlling it for hours at a time. Doosan has designed these trucks with the operator’s comfort as a top priority. Constructed with curved front, top, and rear glass panels, the cabin design helps reduce blind spots and provide greater all-round visibility. Alongside 40% increased visibility, the cabin also offers the operator superior comfort paired with reduced noise levels – the improved sound insulation ‘full floating’ cabin design means that noise has been reduced to just 74db. Comfort, visibility and safety – what more can you ask for? Doosan already has the answer to that! With the electronically controlled 3-speed ZF transmission, the new range offers smoothness and precision – precision control is essential when handling heavy lifting and this transmission also offers a smooth gear change every single time.  You can be certain that your operator will be happy working within comfortable, safe, efficient and productive conditions.


Our team had the chance to see a Doosan truck from the new range first-hand back in September and we were more than impressed with the fantastic visibility, neatly laid out controls and easy access for daily checks and maintenance.

new doosan

new doosan 2 new doosan 3

The inside is just as impressive as the outside though, with one of the features we were most enthusiastic about being the new Doosan engine. The new Doosan engine DM03V(A) is European Stage V compliant. The world’s toughest emission standards for non-road mobile machinery, this compliancy means that the new range is helping to reduce the number of harmful substances in exhaust gases being emitted into the environment.

Doosan has made a big impact with this new engine, with features such as:

  • Automatic DPF regeneration
  • Increased engine torque
    • – 55 kW (360Nm →400 Nm)
    • – 81 kW (375 Nm → 460 Nm)
  • High durability Bosch common rail fuel system
  • 3 power modes (eco/STD/high) – ECO mode minimises fuel consumption, high mode helps match the demands of heavy-duty lifting by increasing power output and standard mode maintains power output at levels suited to everyday tasks
  • Extended engine oil change interval
  • Auto-adjust for intake & exhaust valve clearance
  • Auto-adjust fan belt (low maintenance costs)


Doosan is certainly leading the way with their new world-class 9-Series forklift trucks. If you’re interested in one of these quality machines for your company, KS Lift Trucks can help. This range comes with standard 3 year warranty and extended warranty available up to 60months/6000 hours. Finance can be arranged and we can also part exchange any of your existing trucks. Not only do we supply these forklifts, we also have service contracts available so we can keep your lift truck operating as efficiently as possible.

You can view the new D70S-9 range brochure to learn even more about the amazing features of these trucks or you can contact our friendly team for info on how to order.