If you’re searching for a new forklift, you’re in luck! Introducing the Terberg Truck Mounted Forklift Demonstrator, new in stock and ready to be sent out to KS Lift Trucks’ customers.

The model we currently have in stock is the TKS, beat the long lead times and order today, we’ll deliver it to you ASAP and you’ll be ready to put your new truck to use.

Take a look at the video of the Terberg demonstrator:

Terberg has built up a reputation amongst their customers for manufacturing quality machines and being customer focused. The demonstrator certainly does cater to the customer’s needs and features a range of specs that makes it able to unload heavy loads quickly and efficiently.

The Terberg demonstrator is a three wheel drive and four way steer. Featuring a pantograph reach system, meaning it has a great lifting speed. Also comes equipped with a 38 HP engine, extending forks for one side off load, LED Light package, an extra comfort seat and stainless steel panels which have a CDP base layer and powder coated as standard.


This machine transports and lifts heavy loads easily because of its load support arms and stabiliser legs. You might not even have to invest in a new fitting kit as it fits onto the majority of existing other manufacturer fitting kits.

About the Terberg Kinglifter TKS

The Terberg model we have in stock, the TKS, is ideal for off-road environments due to the high power engine as well as featuring a comfortable operator cabin with a high seat for increased visibility. The higher power engine saves you valuable time whilst unloading. The Kinglifter TKS is ideal for many sectors, but especially effective within agriculture, industrial, gas, recycling and on building sites for transporting materials.

Ideal for transporting and lifting all sorts of materials such as steel, wood and plastic, this forklift certainly has the range to do it all. Terberg is renowned for the anti-corrosion protection on their trucks, helping to keep your machine in tip top condition.

Showcasing a maximum lifting capacity of 2500kg paired with a maximum lifting height of 2400-4050mm, we’re sure the Terberg TKS can do the job for you.

Order from KS Lift Trucks!

Here at KS Lift Trucks, when you buy the Terberg demonstrator from us, we’ll offer you a 12 month warranty, so you can be sure you’re purchasing from a trusted forklift supplier. We’re also offering various finance options, so you won’t have to pay it all in one go. Contract hire also available – hire from KS Lift Trucks and we’ll complete routine servicing on your forklift, making sure it’s operating the best it can.

Contact KS Lift Trucks today and we’ll make sure you get the forklift you need.