Maximum lifespan for medium intensity applications

RES 550 Magnum Series

Solid Resilient Tyre

  • Best-in-class for for medium intensity applications
  • Benchmark for reliability
  • Long-lasting
  • Superior traction
  • Excellent stability

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The RES 550 Magnum Series Solid Resilient Tyre available now from KS Lift Trucks. The key features of this tyre makes it the absolute best for medium intensity applications.

Its wide profile and flat footprint creates exceptional stability and grip whilst the large treadblocks and deep lugs of the RES 550 ensures its life is maximised and its providing the best traction. The established tread pattern design has been proven to be reliable for over 25 years.

Featuring exceptional tread rubber compound properties, the RES 550 won’t let you down when it comes to medium intensity applications for forklifts & lift trucks.

The 60J line, also known as the wear mark, lets you know when you need to replace this tyre so you can take full advantage of its long life and only replace the tyres when needed.

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