Maximum lifespan for low intensity applications

RES 330

Solid Resilient Tyre

  • Best-in-class for low-intensity applications
  • High performing tread rubber compound
  • Long-lasting & unique
  • Extended life through wide tread
  • Resists cutting & chunking

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res 330 solid resilient tyre
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The RES 330 Solid Resilient Tyre available now from KS Lift Trucks. Featuring a well-balanced rubber compound along with an aggresive deep tread design to ensure the lowest possible operating cost and excellent traction and stability. The steel bead reinforced heel on this tyre prevents rim slip.

Known as the longest lasting tyre in the industry for low intensity applications because of its exceptional tread rubber compound properties, the RES 330 could be the perfect tyre for you. The wear indicator on the RES 330 makes sure you’re fully taking advantage of its long-life and only replacing when needed.

Low intensity applications refer to forklifts or warehouse trucks that aren’t being used for many hours per day, ideal if you use your material handling equipment intermittently.

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