Proud of our working partnership with Doosan (lift trucks and warehouse equipment)

Here at KS Lift Trucks, we are extremely proud of our working partnership with Doosan, selling and providing maintenance services for Doosan Lift Trucks and Doosan warehouse equipment.

The Doosan Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation and in 2009, Doosan was placed in the Fortune Global 500 index. Doosan is the parent company of Bobcat and Škoda Power and has a history that stretches back 125 years.

The name Doosan is made up of two separate Korean words ‘doo’ which is a measuring unit of grains and ‘san’ which means mountain. Together the two words create Doosan which translates to little grains of sand that together make a mountain. The name Doosan reflects the company belief that a greater achievement can be made when everyone involved unites, and this has been the philosophy taught to all employees of the company since it was fist founded 125 years ago.

Doosan’s history can be traced back to 1896 when founding Chairman Seung-Jik Park opened Korea’s first modern store, the original beginnings of Doosan, which later earned the company a reputation as a pioneer in the development of the first modern cosmetic products in Korea.

In 1978 the company changed its name from OB Group to Doosan Group to establish an integrated corporate identity that best reflected the diversifying businesses of the Group. The company decided to rename itself after “Doosan” of Doosan Industries, pursuing the legacy of the original Park Seung-Jik store.

The company has continued to grow, diversify, and invest in new technologies and solutions for a changing world. This investment in technology permeates through all the products Doosan bring to market and that is no different for the range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment we are so proud to supply here at KS Lift Trucks.

We have a vast range of diesel engine counterbalance forklift trucks from Doosan available for sale and the Doosan diesel counterbalance range is available in several different capacities from 1.5 tonnes to 25 tonnes. With more importance than ever before being put on the environment, Doosan’s range of electric forklift trucks use the latest technology to help lower the total cost of ownership whilst also helping the environment. As we all move towards electric powered vehicles, we are seeing the same shift to electric in our sales of forklift trucks.

Our extensive range of LPG engine counterbalance forklift trucks are available in capacities from 1.5 to 7 tonnes. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) provides another option to traditional diesel forklifts.  LPG is typically cleaner than other fossil fuels, helping to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We also stock a wide range of different Doosan warehouse equipment including pallet trucks, reach trucks, order pickers and stacker trucks

If you have a question about the range of Doosan forklift trucks and warehouse equipment that we stock here at KS Lift Trucks, get in touch today. Call us directly on 01257 452296 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.