We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve added a new product to our lift truck portfolio!

Manufactured from torsion-resistant steel, the Doosan Hand Pallet Truck is light but strong and is designed for moving goods around warehouses, stores, factories and more. Extremely smooth running, these hand trucks offer a great solution for your workers who need to lift, carry and transport heavy products from one place to another.

Using the Doosan Hand Truck allows your workers to move more weight at one time whilst reducing the strain on their body as the weight is evenly distributed. This means a more efficient production rate and less worker injuries. Lifting heavy objects all day long is exhausting, the Doosan Hand Pallet Truck makes this job a lot easier.

This hand truck features a specially moulded front bumper offering protection to both the products and the truck. The maximum load capacity of this hand truck is a respectable 2500kg – for reference, that’s about the weight of 30 men (using the average weight for men in England). Note that we don’t recommend trying to stack 30 of your colleagues on this Doosan truck!

The tiller-arm on the hand truck is designed to protect the operator’s hands whilst loading & unloading, the rubber handle makes it comfortable for the operator to manoeuvre. The rollers allow this truck to enter any kind of pallet whether wood or plastic. This Doosan hand truck features a superior hydraulic lift unit.

We offer this hand truck in two sizes – 1150mm x 540mm or 1000mm x 685mm. Double or single loading wheels are available.

Interested? Visit our Doosan Hand Pallet Truck page to learn more about our new product. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.