Power Plus Extended Warranty up to 60 months / 6,000 hours

Doosan Lithium-Ion

Lightweight Powered Pallet Truck

Lightweight, compact Doosan LPM15N-7 and LPM20N-7 lithium-ion powered pallet trucks.

  • Increase productivity
  • Charges faster and weighs less than a classic model
  • Lower lifetime equipment costs
  • Roll-out battery
  • Improved safety features incl. automatic breaking
  • Easily exchangeable lithium-ion battery
  • 600mm load centre
  • Different fork lengths and widths
  • Charges within 2.5 hours
  • Turtle mode for improved warehouse safety

Extended Warranty Available With Powerplus From KS Lift Trucks!

We provide full coverage on your product for 60 months/6000 hours.

Also available on all products in the Doosan Range:

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Doosan Lithium-Ion Lightweight Powered Pallet Truck
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The Doosan 1.5 – 2 lithium-ion powered electric pallet truck is sure to meet and exceed your warehousing needs.

Doosan prides itself on building rugged and reliable, yet simple machines and this has enabled them to become a leading provider of material handling equipment. By adding high spec features and proven technology such as the multi-battery charging system with an easily exchangeable lithium-ion battery, Doosan’s 1.5 – 2 tonne lithium-ion powered pallet trucks can help to improve your productivity whilst lowering your lifetime equipment costs.

Also, the improved safety features on the electric pallet trucks, such as the automatic braking feature, mean that the pallet truck will brake automatically when the handle is perpendicular or fully lowered and on top of this, there is also a programmable controller which allows for full adjustment of accelerating and braking and they also feature turtle mode.

Turtle mode, as you might imagine, means that the travel speed of the truck will slow. Simply push the turtle mode button when the truck is being operated in a warehouse and you will reduce the likelihood of any accidents happening.

Also Available in the Doosan Range

The lithium-ion powered range of pallet trucks are part of the wider range of Doosan warehouse equipment and here at KS Lift Trucks, we have a number of different items available, depending on your needs:

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